Innovative Business Plans

We do business plans with our experience and identify what makes the best and profitable to the client taking account of various factors and importantly for Horticulture projects clients’ involvement after identification of the project.

a) Horticulture
In horticulture a variety of factors contribute for the success of the project, more important is nature, we go along with nature come to conclusion what makes best for the soil and client.We do viable Business Plans.

b) Protected cultivation
Protected Cultivation what we understand is organized back end to meet the market demand and ensures regular supplies, that does not mean it is “must”. Protected cultivation is capital intensive.

We welcome technology interventions in green house cultivation. We have tie ups with experts to make the project technically feasible and economically viable.

c) Cold Chain
We have rich experience with cold chain projects ,designed and conducted technical feasibility and economic viability studies to the Government for cold storages, Ripening Chambers and reefer vans. We do cold chain projects and arrange finacial assistance from Banks,assist in claiming subsidies.

d) Horticulture Machinery
Horticulture requires timely and seasonal operations ,postponement of these operations has direct effect on the yields and quality, to make the project viable introduction of machinery is vital. We guide the client what machinery to be introduced and from where it to be sourced depending tup on the clients financial capability. We toured countries which are best manufacturers of Horticulture machinery and experienced working of the machinery in the fields. We suggest the suitable machinery for saving the costs in cultivation.

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